It was created in 2003 with activities of management and in 2004 changed the industry in the cultivation of fruit trees and vines .

It is the only farm POMICOLA di southeast Europe where the plantation cherry international standards . This plantation has an irrigation network that provide water for each tree in part by two methods:

One . drip

Two . sprinkler

Also 30 % of the planted area is covered with a hail tested in several European countries and in several crops. 2009 and 2010 proved to be a promising start . Cherry production rose at an unexpectedly and attests that this effort to make such an investment deserves success.

Starting this year , the farm POMICOLA "Paradise bloom " has already created reputation among the ranks of producers , thus becoming a reference in terms of fruit quality , ie quality cherries stating that they are unique in Romania.

Internationally great fruit buyers in Europe at first were skeptical regarding the product, but to their great surprise and to our joy they were extremely pleased with the production of the farm paradise blooming cherry Romania .

Although Romania is just beginning in this area and Romanians are not familiar with the quality though I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are Romanians who prefer quality and price or distance does not matter and have purchased this fruit in abundance. This gives us high hopes for further investments at the industrial level .

In the coming year we intend to broaden the processing of fruit cold storage building new facilities equipped with sorting , sizing and packaging to international standards.


Planting fruit trees Currently in place of the old orchards of cherry trees that are in the high stage of degradation and a number of trees not exceeding 1,000 units were planted around 30,000 Puet cherry and apple in intensive system ( producing a large amount of fruit compared with the size of the tree and are planted at very small distances from each other ) .



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