by Roberto Trevisiol
Our cherries are grown using only products and fertilizers of natural origin

Our Cherries

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The company has an extension of 85 hectares, the plant is completely covered by anti-hail sheets and, for the 50%, by rain sheets.
There is an artificial lake of 2 hectares which is used for irrigation.
All the cherries are harvested by hand and introduced into the hydrocooling to reduce temperatures, the warehouses are entirely refrigerated to ensure perfect conservation of the lots.

We use ozonated cells and latest generation Unitec 3.0 machines that allow us to select and divide the cherries by size, color and defect.
The entire process is followed by specialized operators and packaging staff.
The product, before loading, is deposited inside the ozonated cells, the loading ramps are also refrigerated,
for transport, only certified and temperature-controlled vehicles are used.

Different qualities of cherries are supplied to the domestic market, including: Bigerreau Burlat, Giorgia, Van, Gray Star, Early Star, Early Bigi, Prime Giant, Sweet Early,
Summer Charm, Stella, Hedelfinger, Lapins, Sweet Series (Valina, Saretta, Aryana, Gabriel, Lorenz).
The best qualities and the most requested by the foreign market are: Sweet Series, Black Star, Ferrovia, Tamara, Kordia and Regina.

The product is sold in large distributions and destined with our brands on many Italian markets, our sales office is located inside the Caab of Bologna, Italy.
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