The farm is formated:

820000 square meters of land all fenced, of which 700,000 square meters planted with cherry intensive and super-intensive system year 2-12. 80% in production on rootstock G5, G6, MaxMa and Colt.

About 63,000 cherries are currently planted with harvesting from May 20-25 to July 5-10, all with drip irrigation system and springher controlled by a control unit.

The entire company is covered with an anti-hail system and approximately 130000 square meters even with an anti-rain system.

We have an artificial lake to accumulate all water proofed of 80000 m3 and a plant with water dedurizer to bring it to the requested PH. The company is equipped with 2000 square meters of refrigeration rooms and processing rooms equipped with the latest technology, ozonated system for conservation and controlled atmosphere. The processing room is composed of a Hidrocooling system for the initial temperature abatement and 3 computerized processing plants consisting of 6 calibration, color and defects lines of the Unitec company leader in the cherry sector.

A fleet of 3 New Holland and Fendt tractors, two electrostatic KwH Martignani treatment pumps, an Alpego milling machine, 3 Nobili shredders, an Annovi manure spreader, a Sulky fertilizer spreader, a Lockmann trailer, a Nobili tractor forklift, a tractor shovel , a disc, a plow, a Favero weeding pump, a hydraulic blade plus two electric forklifts, etc.

Transformer of 250 Kwh of our property, wireless Internet on the whole company with closed circuit video surveillance and illuminated perimeter. Part of the orchard also equipped with infrared barriers. Turret for guardian, a holiday home on the lake of about 250 square meters completed.

Calculating the 2017 harvest with an average of about 400 tons, an average of 550 tons annually is forecast for the two-year period 2018-2019. We have a client portfolio in Germany, Italy, Russia, Holland and Romania with contacts in China.

We are owners of TWO registered trademarks (EVA "The cherry of sin and Julie" Your natural taste "). 

In addition to the 700000 square meters of cherry trees, the company is made up of 60000 square meters (with 250 ml opening on the 4-lane European DN2E85 connecting Bucharest with Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia), approvals already obtained. 30000 sqm lake, 5000 sqm plums, 15000 sqm arable land and 20000 sqm internal roads.

All the documents are up to date and updated, we have an Italian agronomist specialist who follows the company.

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